Building the Sees-Ha Xwee-Nish Marine Rehabilitation Center

The Oregon Coast Aquarium is one of three facilities in the Pacific Northwest, and the only in the state of Oregon, authorized to provide critical care to endangered marine wildlife, like sea turtles, northern fur seals and snowy plovers. But unfortunately, the Aquarium only has one building—an old, re-purposed warehouse—to do this work.

Funding Progress - 75% Funded
Marine Rehab Ctr renderings aerial

The Aquarium currently utilizes old warehouse facilities to diagnose and treat the animals entrusted to our care.

To quarantine injured or ill animals, safeguard the Aquarium’s current marine population against disease, and minimize the impact of human contact, the Aquarium will build a new rehabilitation center for staff, veterinarians, and students. The Sees-Ha Xwee-Nish Marine Wildlife Rehabilitation Center will provide critical care to injured, stranded, or endangered marine wildlife.

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Partnering with institutions of higher learning, wildlife organizations and local veterinarians, the Aquarium provides practical research opportunities and infield learning opportunities for students. With the new Sees-Ha Xwee-Nish Marine Rehabilitation Center, we will expand our partnerships with colleges and universities to create greater immersion experiences for interns and veterinary students that will aid in their medical training requirements.

Join The Roundhouse Foundation, Ann & William Swindells Fund of OCF, Schlesinger Family Foundation, So Hum Foundation, Summer Lea Hillman Foundation, Coit and Eccles Family Foundations and many others who have committed funds to build the Marine Rehabilitation Center for wildlife and veterinary education.

Your gift of any amount could save the life of a stranded, injured or ill marine animal.


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